In normal condition at home, we would never make sense to us on those types of things. But on the beach with three Mojitos downed, and Reggae Sound on a loop that looks different. Flirts with this kind of men only go in the holidays, well, because there you have an easy game.

of The Fun

In this category it is the animator. He is very easy to recognize: He always wears a swimsuit and whistle and bullhorn in Hand. Is to be found in the large All-inclusive Hotels. We stand on him, because he uses his sexy toned body at the Pool in the scene. His muscles draw us into the spell, and if he, after he has his spells over the megaphone in the crowd sounded, to us a private tour offers all over the Resort, to us in the Sack. “There is the Sex on the Beach is served” and with a wink and a enough completely.

abroad, he is the cool, the fuelling amount. At home he lives with a mom in the basement. And if he has taken his loud-hailer, he speaks, though still deafening, but then we realise that he is actually as cool as he is.


With his hot-blooded swing of the hips, and the hot Spanish pet names he just gets a series of women: The Latin-Lover is found in South America or in the Caribbean. There he lulling on the beach with a guitar, aufgeknöpftem shirt and gold chain the female gender. He then tells his chosen ones to the Cocktail of his Childhood, and how it was in poor suburbs to grow up.

So romantic may sound like a foreplay on the beach at sunset, on Dates with him turn out in the end as a true therapy session. The woman listens and pats the leg of the poor, while this tells the most dramatic of his problems.


What goes better with a beach vacation than a Romance with a good looking surf instructor? And it is precisely this idea makes it hard for us to say in the case of such a copy no. Detection characteristics of his straw-blond, shoulder-length hair and the flip flops are. You can meet him at his workplace – on the beach. At a lesson of physical contact comes from more intensive use. We are especially fascinated with: The Surferboy stands with both feet on the ground and is one with nature. He knows the sea inside out and swears by it to protect us on the open ocean until the bitter end. How romantic!

While he makes us on the unpredictable waves of big promises, that is, not in real life, with a lot behind it.

The night owls

a lot of alcohol, and the nights are Often flowing in the holiday longer. Yes, finally, no concerns and can enjoy the day without any inhibitions. Then the bartender suggests that we meet, if we pull up to a late hour to the houses. You realize the shaker him to his Cocktail and the wide Grin. He makes the first order, a clumsy spell does not fall, you can find so even a great, that will change with each order. Until he has finally, in the evening and after a walk to a secluded beach …

He asks a true expert in the towing of tourists. At his workplace, this tipsy, and thus are easy prey.

The omniscient

This kind of man knows where it’s at! The tour guide shows you to distant lands and opens unknown doors. Really impressive! He helps you, the prospect of climbing Kilimanjaro or accompany you during a Safari through the Kruger national Park. The noise from the New power is addictive, and the strong man at your side a true hero.

We forget that the tour guide know so much, because he grew up here. Or everything about the place has learned. Otherwise, he knows not necessarily much, and the spell of the Unknown there is in daily life.

The Spiritual

Especially in India, Ibiza, or Cambodia, one encounters the Spiritual. In wide clothes, with feathers in the hair, and poetic sayings as Tattoos on the arms, he moves through the streets. With its serene nature and its wisdom, he fascinated us to us, as yet, unknown way. If he’s sipping the Smoothie through his yoga teacher training talks, then we think that this guy would do us good and us down.

Actually, he is in constant escape from reality and themselves. His true self he has not yet been found.


On the stage on the beach, he delivers a Show that draws us immediately into the spell. In the first row in the audience of the Bob Marley cover band a bunch of women. The singer has it done to them, and all want to be sprayed this man, the pure joy, lightness and freedom. He is the complete opposite to all of the pale office-men, the appeal to our home.

Since there is a long queue, all want him. The Wait lasts a while!