After more than half a century, one American was gripped by a guilty conscience. In 1972 he had a great time at Munich’s famous Hofbräuhaus – and missed something along the way.

As a college student, an American stole a stein from Munich’s famous Hofbräuhaus more than 50 years ago – now the senior wants to make amends for his youthful sin from 1972. He still has the bluish stone jug, it said in a letter to the inn that the Ippen media group published.

“But I know that I have to pay for it,” wrote the American. The letter was accompanied by a $50 bill. “I think this should cover the costs,” wrote the man, who according to the newspaper is 74 years old and lives in the US state of Wyoming.

At the end of his letter he was very remorseful: “Please forgive me for my mistake. “A foolish college student.”

Since she was 19, Anouk has been unable to eat without pain without vomiting. Doctors diagnosed Dunbar syndrome. The 25-year-old explains how much it limits her – but she doesn’t give up hope.

There are clear words from North Rhine-Westphalia: The new Islamism report warns of small groups and solo perpetrators – often lured in by jihadist propaganda. In addition, the NRW state security officers have noticed increasing contacts between Salafist preachers and criminal Kurdish-Lebanese clans.