Chocolate – Cioccolata – Xocolatl – chocolate. Chocolate has many names. And is always the Same: the absolute delicacy. All of the bakeries, confectioneries and Desserts has to be compared with her. In the realm of the sugary spheres, she is the Queen.

But also: the chocolate we eat today, and drink, has not to do with the chocolate, which was born as Xocolatl, a lot. Not even with those of the Spanish Conquistadores in the 16th century. Century from Central America to Spain and brought back. But the inhabitants of their birth area called it the “nectar of the gods”. They used the deep brown beans also as a means of payment. Hernándo Cortés was impressed. First he tasted the potion. He was red-brown, mushy-liquid, its taste bitter, the mitgemörserten chilies made him fiery hot. It is not known whether this was the conqueror. Back in Spain he presented the beans to his Emperor. Charles V raised her eyebrows. “Interesting,” he said, “the money you can eat?” We write the year 1528.

tried by the Emperor to the potion? Probably Yes. He liked him? We don’t know it. But What the Emperor tried that, also tried his court. The cocoa bean pulp as “chocolate” for the fashion, which spread rapidly. Italy, Austria, France, the German Courts – the nobility in your eye, the better-off public potion in the back.

Rotten teeth because of “chocolat chaud”

of Course, the cocoa fruit for the contemporary world, such a strange thing. It grows on Branches and on the trunk of a tree, not in the young Shoots. It is harvested, its seeds must be fermented in warm, humid climates. Then the shells are hard and need to be removed, the core is crushed. More was not. At that time.

This puree Association, however, is not really with fluids. It was not only coarse, but also fat. The best mix was achieved with hot water. This had to be stirred, so that the mass remained smooth. Therefore, it needed special Chocolate swizzle sticks with which the potion could be constantly stirred, and somewhat creamy to the Cup flowed.

However, it was still so, that “chocolat chaud”, as it was at the court of Louis XIV. called, treated themselves with honey or sugar cane, a very bitter tasted. In addition, the sugar content had to follow. The ruler of Versailles was notorious for its rotten teeth. It is one of the most famous letter reported about the world of literature, Madame de Sévigné writing on the inside. One other Letter we want to quote also. In it she tells of a lady who had a dark skinned child. “It is told that this is the consequence of excessive eating Chocolate during pregnancy.”

as well As always. Chocolate remained the most fashionable enjoyment. Even the French Revolution of 1789 could not change this. Also, the drink remained bitter until the British in 1828, was able to degrease in cocoa (and thus to make the connection with liquids heel). The fat could areas than cocoa butter, whole new use, such as cosmetics. Or it was mixed with a technical Trick again with cocoa. Rolled and pressed, created the first chocolate bar. A rough pleasure. But: In the hot milk melted, and delivered them for the first time, a creamy, hot chocolate.

chocolate – the mega business

Whom is it needed now? Henri Nestlé invented powdered milk. Louis Cailler, stirred the first milk chocolate. And finally, Rodolphe Lindt, the store has a sort of chocolate-rolling mill is not constructed, managed that only the mass of super-fine, but also the annoying bitter note after days of rolling out of the chocolate away. The device was called the Conche, its use is essential today for fine chocolate. Over the years, the rolling times were dramatically shorter. But the first of these Conches deliver until today, the aromatic best results.

Meanwhile, chocolate in any Form is a mega business. The food industry provides the most important resources. Especially in the Equatorial area of Central America and West Africa huge cocoa plantations in monoculture. Also their harvest is processed locally. As cocoa mass, this is also travel in containers in the world, where it is processed further. Also, the market itself is changing. The financial world followed the entry of China in the chocolate market. If this happens, bottlenecks in production are anticipated. Cocoa prices will adjust upwards. Chocolate is then once again a luxury product.

Another Problem: monocultures encourage disease. In the Caribbean species of fungi infest the cocoa fruit, and make them worthless. To date, there’s no known cure.

on the Other hand, the plants of small producers rare, and thus culinary is especially precious types of Cocoa as a niche product. These are processed in small factories in the world. Some of them are located in Switzerland. They provide wonderful fundamental products for the best pastry chefs and Patissiers. In turn, grandiose delights to invent. Chocolate, chocolate, Chocolate, or Cioccolata remains what it was for so long: Queen in the realm of Sugary.

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