War has been raging in Ukraine since February 24. A timely solution is not in sight – especially not while Vladimir Putin remains at the helm of the Kremlin. But can he stay there? The historian Karl Schlögel is sure he knows the answer: “I have no doubt that the war against Ukraine will herald Putin’s end,” Schlögel said in an interview with “Zeit”.

Schlögel continues: “Slowly the Russians will also understand that the war is not about a fight against fascism and Nazism in Ukraine. It is an act of senseless violence that Putin unleashed to punish and subjugate Ukraine.”

The historian therefore does not believe that popular support for the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine – at least as reported in official polls – will last for long. “While the Putin regime will not collapse economically, it has accumulated reserves to withstand various sanctions.”

But, Schlögel continued to tell Die Zeit: “Putin’s plan to invade Ukraine in a blitzkrieg and without any major reaction from NATO and the West proves to be a completely wrong calculation by the Moscow autocrat.”