On Saturday, January 14, Jürgen Drews will retire and will be on stage for the last time at the “big hit farewell”. In an interview, the 77-year-old revealed what really counts for him.

Sad news for all Schlager fans. On Saturday (January 14) pop star Jürgen Drews will be on stage for the last time. After more than 50 years of show life, the “King of Mallorca” is now retired. Because the TV show “The Great Schlager Farewell” with moderator Florian Silbereisen was recorded in advance on October 22, 2022 in the Media City Atelier in Leipzig.

Wife Ramona and daughter Joelina supported the 77-year-old in his farewell show. In an interview with “spot on news”, Jürgen Drews finds kind words about his family: “Without Ramona, I’m just nothing, she’s my rock, I really wanted to have her by my side, and Joelina too.” Now he explained former “King of Mallorca”, which really counts for him in retirement.

But in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Jürgen Drews openly admitted that his farewell was anything but easy: “I’m leaving with a smile and a few tears,” said the 77-year-old. However, the pop star stands behind his decision and is not worried about his future, as he proudly announced to the “Bild”: “I’m not afraid of what’s coming.”

Who makes this big step easier for him? Wife Ramona and daughter Joelina. In the interview, Jürgen Drews made it clear that he has important people in his life whom he can always rely on – even in crisis situations. “I have my family,” said the 77-year-old emotionally. Drews continues: “Above all, I have my wife Ramona.” Finally, Jürgen Drews added in a touching tribute to his wife: “I want to follow her until my very last day.”

Pop star Jürgen Drews says goodbye to the stage. In an interview, he reveals how he will spend his retirement. The “King of Mallorca” also commented on a possible change of throne.

Pop singer Jürgen Drews is on stage for the last time on TV. The Silbereisen show runs on Saturday and promises many emotions.

Joelina Drews has been candid on social media about why she’s taking some time off: “I haven’t been feeling well mentally the past few weeks,” the singer explained.

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