Uli Hoeneß comes back live in the “double pass” on Sport1. The TV station has thus invited the most prominent guest possible to its 30th anniversary. His calls to the studio are legendary, but he also regularly causes explosives on location.

In September, the phone suddenly rang in Sport1’s “double pass”. When it came to Qatar, Uli Hoeneß got so angry on his home TV that he called the football talk and had himself switched to the live broadcast. There he attacked Andreas Rettig, ex-DFL managing director, who was sitting in the Hilton Hotel at Munich Airport.

On Sunday, January 22, the guests are not threatened with a Hoeneß call. The reason for this is simple: the honorary president of FC Munich is a guest on the show and will be in the studio. The reason for the invitation is the 30th anniversary of the TV broadcaster Sport1, which was founded in January 1993 as Deutsches Sportfernsehen (DSF).

Hoeneß is legendary in the “double pass” but actually whenever he calls or is there. In 1996 he called the show for the first time because moderator Rudi Brückner had openly criticized his behavior. That brought the Hoeneß volcano to a boil – it was charged accordingly when he picked up the phone.

He also called later on the show when he had something to say. But his personal appearances on the show are also legendary. For example, he called David Alaba’s advisor, Pini Zahavi, live on TV a “greedy piranha” because Hoeneß demanded what Hoeneß thought was too high a salary for David Alaba.

Florian König will moderate the show on Sunday. In addition to Hoeneß, a former Bayern captain will also be present in the talk: Stefan Effenberg. He’s not known for his restraint either – that could be exciting on Sunday. Sport1 wants to announce the other guests in the coming days.