Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has called a cynical attempt by the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to draw a parallel between the victory over Nazism in 1945, and domestic conflict.

According to the Russian diplomat, the text of the message sent to the military attaché of Ukraine Borys Kremenets living in USA veterans from the former Soviet Union sent the Russian Embassy officials “puzzled and outraged veterans and members of their families, have no relation to modern Ukraine”. In it the Ukrainian military, in particular in the context of victory in the Second world war, spoke of the need “to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine against the Russian aggression”. While Kremenets repeated the words of people’s Commissar of foreign Affairs of the USSR Vyacheslav Molotov, “the enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours!” “It is tragicomic” – said Antonov, whose words are on the page of the Embassy in the social network Facebook.

The Russian diplomat stressed that the attempts of the Embassy of Ukraine to “conduct in an address to participants of the great Patriotic war, the parallel between the defeat of Nazism in 1945 and six years of domestic conflict, in which the author, in violation of the Minsk agreements would love to win a military victory” look cynical. “Notice that his “sister” almost daily shelling Donbass and living there for veterans, but in Washington he blames it on Russia,” said Antonov.

“it is Difficult to comment devoid of any logic visits of Ukrainian diplomacy to the theme of Victory in General. There is an attempt to integrate into the chorus of those who put the USSR – the main force, defeated the enormous victims of Nazism on a par with Nazi Germany, those who claim that the beginning of the war was laid the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact” in 1939, not the Munich collusion of Western democracies with Hitler and Mussolini in 1938,” – said the Russian Ambassador.

According to the diplomat, the main reason for such behaviour of representatives of Ukraine – “attempt to present Russia as an enemy.” Thus, according to him, the Russian side has never considered “the Ukrainian people as hostile to Russians.” “Ukrainians are brothers. And this is not a slogan, it is my perception of the situation. Firmly convinced that whoever tried to separate the Ukraine from Russia, he will lose. The desired result is to make Ukrainians and Russians to live in national homes – the opponents of our friendship will not succeed. Years later, Russia and Ukraine will be as peacefully as brothers live, as it was many, many years before,” – says Antonov.

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