His angered followers bathe in a bathtub full of noodles

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova on his page on Instagram published a video in which a performer swims in a bathtub filled with ramen noodles. This gesture stars angered her followers, who were outraged at this senseless transfer of food against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

Bathing in a bathtub of noodles for Buzova became part of the challenge, in which she confronted blogger Huseyn Hasanov. After the tests with the cutting of the hair, the ignition of expensive clothes and cleaning stairwells in the blatant form it is a time of experimentation with food.

The footage shows how Buzova splashing in the noodles, smeared it on the body and laughs. The singer also talks about the discomfort from the process.

Chest appears with age, but the brain is not. Swimming in food, when many have nothing to eat, — reports Life the words of one of the disturbed followers of a star.

As previously wrote NEWS.ru the isolation suddenly turned around for the singer Olga Buzova new hairstyle. Along with her boyfriend David Manoukian, the artist became interested in the game “Weak”.