Hip hop vocal or yoga a guide to open webinars palaces of creativity

teachers of the Moscow palaces of creativity organized an open online classes on the most interesting subjects. To improve your skills or learn something new everyone can.

Children’s musical theatre “Domisolka” posted on its website lessons on dance, vocal and visual art. You need to go to the “distance learning” and select the desired class. Available lessons dance hip-hop for children from eight years of age, exercises for motor skills and diction classes on scenic speech, master class in painting “Vase of the Ming dynasty” for children from four to eight years and more.

April 27 leading teachers of the Moscow children and youth centre of ecology, local lore and tourism will continue a series of free webinars. Children 12-18 years will teach how to organize a camping trip.

In the classroom will tell you how to properly prepare for water tourism and to provide first aid, is different than the personal equipment of the tourist-Vodnik from equipment of the tourist hike. In addition, teachers prepared a program on paleontology, local history and geography. Children learn about land and water burials, the reconstruction of the ecology of individual organisms, and ecosystems in General, and about the peculiarities of children in different countries of the world.

Information on registering and connecting will be posted on the website of the centre.

the Moscow regional branch of the Russian movement of pupils, together with the Palace of creativity of children and youth of a name of Gaidar launches another exciting online marathon called #Deries. At this time, offer students a vigorous morning exercise, musical breaks, meetings with scientists and public figures, culinary secrets, intellectual and entertaining game.

Every day in social networks RSD will be prizes. To participate you need to subscribe to the page in “In contact”. All events are also published on the website of the Palace of creativity of children and youth of a name of Gaidar in the section “distance and e-learning”.

the Palace of creativity of children and youth “East” has prepared the program “access to space”. Teacher Anastasia Bakhmetyev will conduct interviews with interesting personalities.

With the announcement of events can be found on the website under “distance and e-learning”. Also here will be available to view past editions of interview with the curator of the program of the Museum of Vadim Sidur Nadia Degtyareva, and a leading expert on public relations GBU “Mosvolonter” Artem Ulyanov.

In the Palace of creativity of children and youth “the Transfiguration”, a new educational project “Sphere”. It is available for all students of the capital.

Weekly on the website of the institution there are new videos with master classes and lectures from leading teachers. Lessons on articulation, vocal and much more is available on the YouTube channel of the project.

Workshop of contemporary dance invites everyone to classes in adaptive yoga. They will come on Tuesdays and Fridays from 17:00 to 18:00. To join the group on the social network Instagram.

teacher of the center for children and youth creativity “Bibirevo” organized on your YouTube channel a series of master classes. Everyone can try themselves in drawing, making and painting crafts from dough.

distance learning in Zelenograd Palace of children and youth are now publicly available on the website. Everyone will find something for everyone (the driving, eSports, robotics, 3D modeling, and more).

If you missed the webinar it can be viewed later in the section “distance and e-learning”. There you will find the timetable of all groups.

Teachers of the Studio of modern dance Houses of children’s creativity on Taganka conduct live broadcasts of athletic training and workouts. You can find them in the account of the institution. To devote their time to sport every Thursday at 16:00.

And on the website, you can find other useful and interesting activities. Among them lessons in ballroom or jazz dancing, design of robots, basics of textile design, play the guitar. All of this is already available in the section “distance and e-learning”.