CSA Coach Higo Magalhães Reacts to Team’s Recent Struggles: “Alarming Everyone”

The head coach of CSA, Higo Magalhães, expressed his concerns about the team’s performance following another disappointing result. After the eighth consecutive game without a win in the Brasileiro, the coach highlighted the pressure affecting the players on the field.

Magalhães described the environment within the club as alarming, not only for the fans but for everyone involved. He emphasized the need for the team to bounce back quickly and show more energy, especially considering the delicate situation they are in. Winning at home is crucial, as every team playing at their home ground is securing three points.

Reflecting on the recent draw against São José, where Gabriel Morbeck scored the equalizer in stoppage time, Magalhães regretted the team’s lapse in concentration. He stressed the importance of maturity in such crucial moments, especially given the circumstances of the competition.

In summary, Higo Magalhães acknowledged the challenging period CSA is going through, stating that it is alarming everyone associated with the club.

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