according to The resistance of trade unions against a higher retirement age. With the Association of employees in Switzerland, a representative of the employees is shown for the first time, open to a retirement age increase. Given the financial difficulties of the AHV is inevitable.

“We need to rethink the age of the guillotine 65,” says Stefan Studer (58), managing Director of clerks, Switzerland, in an Interview with the “NZZ on Sunday”. It was the future generations, guilty of receiving the AHV is in a healthy condition. “Specifically, we need a more flexible retirement age.”

billion deficit forecast

The trade unionists refers to the wrong position of the first column. Up to the year 2045, the Federal government predicts that even with the adoption of the controversial OASI-tax-Deals, the on 19. May to vote on a cumulative deficit of 170 billion Swiss francs, if no further reforms take place.

A sustainable renovation would be successful only if you leave old patterns of thinking, says Studer. Him a model in mind, as it is in Sweden with success is practiced. The pension age is linked to the development of the life expectancy.

Many are willing to work longer

If the appreciation of voice, many are willing to work longer, possibly with a lower workload, Studer is convinced. Most of the people would have to enjoy your Job and be employed in an occupation where the pins of your life has a meaning. In addition, it was also physically demanding occupations, for example, on the construction, which would continue to allow no work to 65.

employees of Switzerland is an umbrella organisation of around 60 employee associations in organization of the machine, electrical and metal industry (MEM), as well as the chemical and Pharmaceutical sector. He counts, according to its own information, roughly 16’000 members. (SDA/lha)