How to do it more in the 3. League? So far, a season-interruption of up to 30. April recognized.

Whether or not the season will be continued then, as it is the DFL since yesterday for 1. and 2. The League plans to remain open. Also, when the DFB calls on the third-division club to a conference together, is not fixed yet.

fact: On Monday, Rostock increases with Hansa the first third of a tier in the Training. In order to avoid a greater accumulation of professionals, is the Hansa to train in several small groups.

in The HFC are not provided for such scenarios. Neither a time near the beginning of the Training, a Training in smaller Teams.

head of sports, Ralf Heskamp (54) in the flash-interview:

HFC-sports-in-chief Ralf heskamp photo: Uwe Koehn

IMAGE: Is it foreseeable, when the HFC trained again?

Heskamp: “no, that is not foreseeable. Our training sites are generally blocked, regardless of the number of athletes.“

IMAGE: Where might be trained, if public places are locked?

Heskamp: “It remains the case that our players keep in shape individually at home. After all, what we hear from you, you are extremely creative and ambitious.“