Everything the two touched in the FCB, was to Gold. President Bernhard Heusler (55) and sporting Director Georg Heitz (49) lead to FC Basel in the age of eight to titles, eight mostly. In addition, the Duo has a Transfer profit of around 60 million Swiss francs.

The lawyer Heusler and former Journalist Heitz are the high-flyers in the Swiss football. Eloquent, serious and modest they are. The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” called the two recently, the “Mister Nice Guys” of Swiss football, compared it with the Comic book heroes, “Clever & Smart”.

In 2017, the Duo FC Basel and, together with the long-term, FCB-chief financial officer Stephan Werthmüller HWH, a consulting company. It offers Coaching in various areas. Your focus is, no surprise here, on the football Business. The product range of HWH is wide. On your Homepage you recommend a possible clientele with the following Text:

We coach you in these areas:

counselling of athletes with advice from trainers and coaches advising the club to be in management bodies of sports clubs, sports associations and sports event mediation in cases of dispute provision of a global network

people Who have such a high credibility, one can boast of such impeccable reputation and performance record, such a great expertise and a huge network that brings in the consultant industry pretty quickly on foot. In addition, they are secretive, trustworthy and honest. Adjectives which describes the former FCB bosses, but not the big consultant-the Guild.

Prestigious mandate in the SFV

No wonder, the first large order does not have to wait long. Last summer, the Swiss football Association (SFV) must be after the world Cup, and the double-affair with the double-headed eagle and the double citizens in its structures. Who gets the prestigious Job? HWH.

Heusler and Heitz recommend to the SFV, among other things, to install a national team Manager. The football-Switzerland yells after Heusler as a new SFV-President and Heitz as the national team Manager. You say. It would be frivolous, they would create through their analyses themselves.

GC-commitment on waves

This spring, must follow GC in the monumental crisis is completely new. The record champion engaged HWH. GC would have engaged Heitz favorite as a salaried Manager. However, neither Heitz still Heusler, you can exclusively commit. Heitz takes on a consultant’s mandate. But because GC has no head of sports, he might advise, he must be self-operational.

The commitment ends early, because the GC is taking abruptly an austerity and Budget cuts. The mandates of the HWH due to their past high waves.

“A Basler Duo has to save the SFV” headlines the “Basler Zeitung” in August last year. “The Grasshoppers take the case of two residents of help”, writes the newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” in April. Such “Outsourcing” is so unusual that no one could remember anything Similar ever experienced, writes the NZZ at the end of April on the use of Basel at GC and says: “The company advises that no other clubs from the highest Swiss League. A conflict of interest with other mandates from the Super League, are currently not available.” to act

FCL-Alpstaeg, and Aarau-Burki

In the shadow like other consultants make is for the two light-impossible!

Nau power”.ch” before the early end of the GC commitment to the next customer in public. From 1. July is also Bernhard Alpstaeg, Investor at FC Luzern, Heusler advise.

Sunday view-show research: Lucerne and GC are not the only clubs which have taken the help of HWH in the claim. Last November, FC Aarau, has been engaged after the miserable start to the season Heitz – he supported over a short period of time, the young head of sports, Sandro Burki.

the framework, Forte, Fink, Saibene

That Aarau-Trainer Patrick the context of Heusler and Heitz advise, is no secret. Heitz and frame have been friends for years. “Georg, I know: It doesn’t matter to me. With his Inputs, I can do something,” said frame in November in the “Aargauer Zeitung”.

Also other coaches such as Uli Forte (GC), Thorsten Fink (Vissel Kobe, Japan) and Jeff Saibene (Ingolstadt) asked for HWH. In the case of the respective contracts, the Agency should not have been, however.

And the Agency also advises players on how to Winterthur striker Roman Buess (26) and Vaduz Liechtenstein midfielder Sandro Wieser (26). On The Transfer Market.ch – 141 Swiss agents or agencies are listed – but HWH in vain.

Advisor to industry in turmoil

HWH covers everything coaches Association, clubs, sports leaders, coaches and players. It seems that the Agency was on the way to become the new center of power in the Swiss football. A novelty and unusual. Therefore, the consultant industry is also in turmoil. The various Engagements of HWH are discussed controversially.

Sunday, look around. Either one is game agent or you take care of clubs. It does both, is the frivolous, says an Agent, “that is, as the same lawyer would represent before the court both parties”. Another says: “I know how you deal with everything. No idea, as Heusler and Heitz bring all of that under one hat. I couldn’t do it. Chapeau.”

A third says: “Heusler was the most successful President of Switzerland, Heitz would still be the best sports Director in the country. One asks the two for advice is legitimate and understandable.” Would you advise no contracts to sign, but only as a Scene expert, “everything is all right. Since many of the game to be the envy of not more and not less intermediaries, speaks.”

Lucerne, Lausanne, YB?

Roll over the rumors? Around the FC Luzern is already speculating whether head of sports Remo Meyer will not be replaced soon by the “HWH-middle” Fredy Bickel as head of sports. It Heusler has not taken office as the Alpstaeg Advisor again.

HWH should also have a mandate from Lausanne, it was said. And Heusler seats will be scattered as an Advisory Board in the YB-Board of Directors. “Both of these are far-fetched,” says Heitz in the Interview.

Heusler/Heitz thrones would have continued to play in Basel for the

And in the case of the Basel Trainer-Posse in the last few days, Heusler, and Heitz, indirectly, an important role. It keeps a persistent rumor, the FCB Boss Bernhard Burgener would have decided in the last second against Patrick under the new FCB coach, when he learned that part of the former FCB boss will advise you.

Not a rumor is that the longer Burgener with the new FCB will run a title afterwards, the higher the Pedestal, on which Heusler and Heitz, Basel thrones.