He had come as a driver already in such a precarious Situation. That’s why he hopes that the white Zebra strip to be quickly attached again. When this is the case, is currently still unclear, says mayor Dirk Fuhlert (independent) on demand of the MZ.

Hettstedt: marking for Zebra crossing is missing

Because the road you have the section currently together with the adjacent Ascherslebener road. There is a pedestrian traffic light at the intersection for the fire Creek road has recently been in operation. She was placed on the orders of the district, says Fuhlert. The accident Commission of the circle have decided due to numerous, partly severe accidents for this variant. The should, however, apply only temporarily, so Fuhlert.

The administration will now consider all the possibilities that may come for the area in consideration. The leg hold beside a traffic light, the name of the variant to build a roundabout instead of the crossroads. In this case, the topic is not new. In recent years, the accident Commission had looked at the area several times, and the accidents referred to. A pedestrian traffic light, stand on the Crossing already, but was dismantled again. In the foreseeable future should also be carried out to re-traffic count in the Ascherslebener road. However, when the regulations for the containment of Coronavirus are removed in order to get realistic Figures, supplemented Fuhlert. (mz)

This article was written by Tina Noble

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