The statement of Microsoft founder bill gates on global climate change, which can lead to more disastrous consequences than the pandemic coronavirus that sparked a debate in social networks. The statements of the users collected and published URA.RU.

“Rambler” wrote that earlier the founder of Microsoft, bill gates called the problem, which may soon lead to an equally tragic consequences as the pandemic coronavirus. The businessman noted that “climate change could be worse” and called for renewed efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Statement of bill gates sparked a debate in Russian social networks, some users are encouraged to take seriously the problem, however, there was criticism of the American businessman.

“nothing to change, we need the technology of lowering the temperature, the extraction of CO2 from the oceans and atmosphere. But they are not. Passed point of no return,” said Gene Vladimirovich.

However, users said that gates said is nothing new. And also reminded that spread conspiracy theories that the founder of Microsoft wants to microchip people with vaccination against coronavirus.

“And what he makes predictions for the future? Because he is a soothsayer and a globalist? Because he’s already up to something? He’s still kind of chipping of the population did not answer!” – said Denis Gutsalo.

Part of the discussion participants in social networks also joked that a global catastrophe will be a Windows update, and expressed the opinion that gates failed to capitalize on the coronavirus, and that’s why he switched to the topic of climate.