Shortly before the holiday season, the frustration of many passengers on board holiday airlines is growing. This is often due to the seats being leaned backwards by fellow travelers, as a flight attendant explains.

American flight attendant Heather Poole tells CNN her experiences with increasingly angry passengers due to increasingly limited space in aircraft cabins. According to Poole, passengers often complain about reclined seats that limit their personal space.

According to CNN, Heather specifically remembers a situation in which an older woman threatened the younger passenger in the seat in front of her: “If you lean your seat back again, I will hit you in the face.” The younger woman was stunned by this threat been. In this case, the stewardess had to intervene and point out that if there was any further threat or even activity, the police would be called.

But incidents like this are not an isolated incident, according to the flight attendant. Heather also reports another passenger who complained loudly about the seat in front of him: “It’s on my lap.” Heather replied, “Unfortunately he’s allowed to be on her lap.”

The flight attendant sees the core of the problem as airlines arranging too many seats in too small a space. However, this does not justify the behavior of some passengers on board.

Despite these increasing incidents, Heather emphasizes that passengers have the right to recline their seats without having to ask permission. “A passenger is allowed to sit back and no one can do anything about it.” If someone were to kick the seat or threaten to hit them, it would be that passenger who would be removed from the plane.

On CNN, the flight attendant also pointed out that not all airlines are the same. Some remove the seatback option entirely, particularly budget airlines. Lighter seats would not only reduce fuel costs, but would also be less likely to break, leading to further cost savings.

Heather calls for people to stick to basic politeness on board. This includes, for example, that passengers who like to recline their seats should do so slowly and be considerate of the person behind them.

The problem could soon be resolved on Lufthansa flights. As “ Business Insider ” reports, the airline announced that it would equip parts of its fleet with new seats. Thanks to a fixed seat shell, these do not affect the space in the row behind, even when leaning back.

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