Hes like a ninja solved deceit of coronavirus

Scientists from Hong Kong have found that the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) produces three times more pathogens than the strain of virus that caused an epidemic of pneumonia SARS in 2002-2003. The current infection is better “hiding”.

The researchers observed the development of COVID-19 for 48 hours. The experiment showed that the microorganisms multiply several times faster than its predecessor. In addition, the disease causes the slower inflammatory and immune processes, which complicates detection of the disease, the newspaper South China Morning Post.

the Virus is similar to ninja, which multiplies inside the body at low levels of interferons and inflammatory responses, — stated in the message.

Experts added that a pandemic is impossible to defeat until July 2020.


There are of 1.78 million infected. Died more than 108 thousand people, recovered approximately 406 thousand. In Russia today, recorded a 15.7 per thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. The number of recovered patients is 1291, died at 130.

Earlier NEWS.ru reported that the coronavirus can be transmitted in the air to a distance of four meters. Chinese scientists have conducted a study according to which virus particles were detected in 13 feet from the patient and remained there for several hours.