Andrew Parker Bowles, who is the former husband of prince Charles wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, has created a lot of turmoil around more royale overhoveders health.

the Duchess 80-year-old ex-husband has been found positive for the coronavirus, and he is relatively safe where he is been infected at:

Namely, by hestevæddeløbet in connection with the Cheltenham Festival two weeks ago.

The writing several british media – including the Daily Mail, which, among other things, to Andrew Parker Bowles’ fears due to the several hundred riders and festival-goers, it has subsequently reported on the corona-symptoms.

the Concern about the taste of royal health due to several royale was present during the four days long festival, which was held a few days before, to Boris Johnson closed the Uk down.

Andrew Parker Bowles was among other things seen kiss the princess Anne, who is the daughter of queen Elizabeth, at the event, as well as cuddle princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips.

Andrew Parker Bowles, participated in the festival the 10. and 11. march along with his ex-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, who at the time of writing itself in isolation, because her husband, prince Charles, has been sick with the virus.

Andrew Parker Bowles got his symptoms shortly after the festival and is now officially tested positive.

The 80-year-old retired officer does not seem to be in doubt, to coronavirussen exploded during the festival, but he claims that he has been told that he personally does not even have been able to infect anyone at the event.

It is due to the he allegedly itself was infected during the event, therefore, first began to be a carrier a week later, namely on 16. march.

To the Daily Telegraph, he says the following about the disease:

“I’ve had it pretty awful. It is best in the morning, but gets worse during the day. I have hosted very violently, and I have been very lethargic. I have slept twice as much as normal.”

On the question of whether or not he believes that the festival should be cancelled, he replies the following:

“If I must be honest, so it was our own choice that we attended. At the time drove the metro still and was filled with people. You can’t blame the Cheltenham.”

Around 250,000 people attended the Cheltenham Festival in the course of the four days in march.

Hundreds have subsequently alleged that they have shown symptoms of the deadly coronavirus.