Almost 70 000 Infected in Italy, nearly 7000 Dead (as of Wednesday morning) – the country suffers from the Corona of a crisis like no other in Europe.

in the Midst of suffering and despair, there are reports like this that make hope: The Covid-19 diseased priest Guiseppe Berardelli from Casigno (at Bologna) is said to have delivered his own breathing to a younger Corona-patients, so that this survived could.

Berardelli even lost the battle against the insidious Virus: The 72-year-old died in the night 16. March in the hospital of Lovere as a Hero, reports in the Italian media, including the website But also the prestigious BBC reported the case of a selfless priest.

The priest was since 2006, in the municipality of Casigno active. In the case of the faithful he was because of his cordiality is very popular. Again and again, he rattled with his Moped through the streets of the city.

the priest had suffered from respiratory problems – then the parish got him a ventilator. As his health deteriorated, was Berardelli hospitalized. He died, after he had positively been on the Coronavirus tested.