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Many libraries are closed, and those that have borrowed the books have them at home until further.

But in Norheimsund in Kvam municipalities have they been allowed to levera out and take back books, in quite specific terms. They have klekka out a system that ensures against koronasmitte.

They that loans books send us an e-mail. We find the books and unpacking them in a bag. So add we them outside the library, where they can be taken within a period of time, ” explains biblioteksjef Ragna Helene Soldal.

DISCLOSURE: There are many posar with books that are added outside the library every day. – One has been more popular than we thought it would be, ” says biblioteksjefen.

Photo: the Library in Kvam, Two weeks in quarantine

But so was the submission: It is done by them that will levera back books puttar them in a hatch in the wall. The staff at the library takes on gummihanskar and picks up the books.

the Books will go straight to the sink. So they are all marked with the date of filing, and set in two weel quarantine, says biblioteksjefen.

How light you a book?

We started with the disinfection and so on, but it was a bit cumbersome. No use we water and soap, but it is the only permane that are washed, not all of the pages, ” she.

POPULAR: It is a long wait on the most popular books, when all submitted books must be in two weel quarantine.

Photo: the Library in Kvam Popular books

the System with the quarantined lead unfortunately to that the most popular books get the long wait.

– Yes, it is just the way it is. It is the new and popular most will bestilla. But what we say is that they must only stand on the waiting list, and so we try to find other hidden treasures that we put in posane. So it is a golden chance to find literature that may not sell itself, she says.

The most popular days is Randi Fuglehaug with Fallesjuke , and the rest books of writers like Lucinda Riley, Reiulf Steen, Edvard Hoem, and Jon Fosse.

Many holding closed the

Many of the big libraries here in the country held closed until further, to restrict koronasmitten.

the oslo public informs that the increased smittefare and higher beredskapsnivå leads to that all at public libraries in Oslo are closed. The døgnopne innleveringsautomaten in Deichman Bjørvika is also shut.

The same goes for Bergen public library.

– to restrict koronasmitten is all libraries, our closed indefinitely, write them on its website.

The Norwegian library association informs to NRK that there are a few libraries that deal with limited lending, such as in Kvam.

I have heard that some libraries will be carefully opened after easter. It is worse at larger bybibliotek with many open opens too early, ” says head of the Norwegian library association Mariann Schjeide.

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