the Cast is in place and the 14 new residents are ready to move into at a farm on the island of Møn, where the host Lene Beier and judge/mentor Philip Dam Hansen is ready to take up to season 4 of ‘Home to the farm’.

the Rules are as always, that residents must provide, before they can enjoy. Therefore, there is no running water, no electricity and no supermarket nearby. Like the rules are, as usual, then cast it also. It will say that there is a cast of participants from all over Denmark and from different backgrounds have to work together to get the food on the table for resolving the common tasks that every week.

There are a half a million dollars on games for the 14 residents who every week are fighting for a place on the farm, when the residents of the community must solve a task, which improves and facilitates life on the farm.

in the Midst of the community, they fight also against each other to be the longest on the farm, and each week choose storbonden a resident who becomes førstekæmper. Førstekæmperen must then select his opponent, which will be andenkæmper, and the two meet in a duel where they fight for their survival on the farm.

Thus, fewer and fewer residents on the farm, while the amount of the duties are the same. The last two residents meet in a finale, where it is determined who wins the ‘Home farm’ and a prize of half a million.

‘Home to the farm’ season 4 has premiered on TV 2 and TV 2 PLAY on Sunday the 29. march at 20.00.

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