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the Russian Production of cars at Zaporozhye automobile plant was launched in the beginning of this year: according to rumors, the organization of assemblies connected with the ban on the import of “Lad” in force in Ukraine. Presumably, the list of Lada models, which are collected at ZAZ will be expanded.

Images of cars, presumably descended from the conveyor Zaporizhia, published in social networks on the page of Russian Car Insdustry. It is alleged that photos sent by one of the Ukrainian subscribers, who wished to remain anonymous.

they allegedly Made in one of Kiev dealerships Lada, and depicts the cars are the commodity: any of them can be bought. Earlier it was reported that in Kiev organized a “screwdriver” Assembly of Lada models of Vesta, XRAY, Granta and Largus. However, in the photos you can see the “old Field” – Lada 4×4.


According to rumors, yet in showrooms are SUVs, imported directly from Togliatti. At the same time does not exclude the possibility of localization of Assembly in Zaporozhye and this model.


Curiously, the “Frets” that collect and sell in Ukraine, turned out to be more expensive than the Russian counterparts. For example, the base cost “Grants” with a 87-horsepower engine and 5-speed manual transmission in the country is 207 090 UAH is 587,5 thousand rubles, while in Russia this “Grant” can be bought for 455 900 rubles. In the case of “message” the price for Ukraine in the ruble equivalent is 766,8 thousand rubles, in Russia for a sedan with the same powerplant ask for a minimum 629 900 rubles.

Text: Avtovesti