Anne Will surprised a few weeks ago with her soon-to-be talk show – something has also changed privately with the presenter: she is said to be newly in love. Her new friend is 26 years younger and writer Helene Hegemann.

Anne Will will air her talk show of the same name for the last time at the end of the year. The contract is expiring, the Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) and the presenter announced a few weeks ago. Now “Bild” wants to know that the moderator should be in love again.

After she separated from the publicist Miriam Meckel in 2019, with whom she was married for three years, she is said to have found a new love. She is also no stranger: Helene Hegemann should be the new woman by her side, as “Bild” reports. Among other things, Hegemann wrote the successful novel “Axolotl Roadkill”. Allegations were made that Hegemann had copied Airen from the Berlin blogger and author.

The two met at the theater, Hegemann’s father Carl (73) is a dramaturge. According to media reports, Anne Will’s neighbors have often seen Helene Hegemann there, and the two women have also been seen together walking Helene’s dog or jogging.

The two have not yet officially confirmed their love.

TV talk – moderator Anne Will private: age, education, wife

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