The next milestone in the life of “taff” presenter Viviane Geppert (31) has come: As the 31-year-old announced on her official Instagram account, she and her husband are expecting their first child together. She announced the good news with a photo showing her in profile in front of the sea. Her hands rest on the baby bump that is visible under her orange bathing suit. “I guess it’s time we shared our little secret with you guys. 23 to infinity,” she captioned the photo.

Her colleague Annemarie Carpendale (45) is already happy about “even more ‘taff’ babies” in the comments section, and congratulations also came from the employer’s official account: “Congratulations from your ‘taff’ family! We are very happy for you.” Steven Gätjen (50), Silvie Meis (44), Kai Pflaume (55), Rebecca Mir (31) and Laura Wontorra (33) also joined the congratulations, to name just a few.

About half a year ago, Geppert also shared with her fans via Instagram that she had entered into the bond of marriage. For a romantic picture, she wrote: “Forever We!” And added a ring and a heart emoji. According to the post, the recording came from Italy. In the black and white picture she is standing on a staircase. She snuggles up to her husband, the white veil of her wedding dress falling to the lawn below the stairs.

The “taff” presenter announced her engagement in June 2021. Geppert explained in an Instagram post at the time: “Someone very special made me the happiest girl in the universe! I SAID YES”. In addition, she posted two photos in which she holds her engagement ring in the camera. The presenter is said to have been in a relationship with her current husband for over five years.

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