The machine performed an exclusive sightseeing flight over Switzerland, before touching down at Kloten for the last Time on the slopes from the airport. During the landing the aircraft with the registration HB was received JVG by the airport fire service and with water fountains.

Simon darling man, captain, and Chief Operating Officer, the flight was together with the captain, Sandra Dummermuth for this Special responsibility, got to the last flight. “In all the years in which the Fokker 100 were in our service, the Swiss national colours with Pride in all corners of Europe. It is a particularly emotional Moment in which we need to us today, of this myth of the Swiss air travel separate,” he says.

116 Times to the moon and back

before a little less than 20 years was no way past the Fokker 100. They contributed significantly to the success of Helvetic Airways. Since November 2003, the machines were of Dutch origin have mastered almost 180’000 flight hours and 140’000 landings. With a total of 89’300’000 kilometres, the Fokker 100 is the equivalent of 116 Times to the moon and back again flew.

Since two weeks Helvetic Airways fleet, a Unit with eleven Embraer E190-E1. From the autumn of 2019, will be supplemented with the first of her twelve new Embraer E190-E2. “The aircraft of the latest Generation are more spacious, quieter and have a higher level of comfort; in addition, they are environmentally friendly because they consume compared to other regional aircraft of up to 20 percent less fuel,” says the Airline in a statement.