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– It can not be more than five people, and there should be a distance of two meters. It is a prerequisite for all activity that smittevernreglene the workplace, says Guldvog.

Helsedirektøren specified quickly that it means that there are many sports activities, therefore, can not do.

Equipment in contact with hands and head is discouraged strongly, and wardrobes may not be in use. It means, for example, that you should not heade the ball on a football field.

at the same time points out Guldvog that it is “impossible to have a general håndballtrening”.

– All sports where you have the equipment to do, one must organize it so that people don’t take the same equipment, says Guldvog.

– Where it is difficult to maintain the requirements, not the activity carried out, noting helsedirektøren.

Helsedirektøren prefer that most of the training is organized so as to ensure that there are adults present. Thus he shares the view of Oslo Idrettskrets, who fear the chaos at the plants without the organization.


Idrettspresident Kjøll comes with a strong encouragement to have adult supervision where the child drives the activity to ensure that smittevernreglene observed.

She encourages all 55 governing bodies to develop their own koronavettregler for his sport. They should be prepared now, according to the idrettspresidenten.

ASKED ABOUT the ANSWER: Idrettspresident Berit Kjøll.

Photo: Marius Dalseg Sætre

– It is now we should start to interpret and create the guidelines, said Kjøll.

On questions about what the consequences are if the clubs break smittevernregler, she was clear on that one then “destroys for the Norwegian sports”.

It is essential that sport relate strictly and clearly to the ground rules as a public health authority determines. Our main task is to help to limit the spread of the koronaviruset, said Kjøll.

Asked for clarification

NIF has previously sent a letter to the ministry of Health with a request for a clarification of the decision from 12. march on the prohibition of sports events, organized idrettsaktivitet and the closing of, among other things indoor swimming pools.

the Background is an experience of different interpretation and practice around the municipalities for the implementation of the decision.

Therefore, prayed idrettspresident Berit Kjøll about a straksavklaring from health authorities on Tuesday. Now, therefore, the answer.

We need more clear guidelines on a national level. We experienced very different practices, and it was up to each municipality about the chain and padlock should be removed or not, said Kjøll.

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