villagers Cuguevka in the Kursk region has posted an appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the potato field. In this way, the citizens decided to draw the President’s attention to their housing problem.

From January 2018 in the village were given permission to build, resulting in developers and land owners for two years to finish building their home or register already built, and also to register in them. In addition, due to legal barriers the village it is not suited for modern life – no roads, gas, medical and social infrastructure.

it is Noteworthy that this is not the first attempt by local residents to attract the attention of the President. They have twice recorded a video message to Putin, but the reaction of the authorities was not followed. For the third treatment tenants used a potato field, which they weeded in such a way that it was posted the treatment “V. V. Putin, help Sequence Kursk region!”. The giant appeal was recorded on video, published in the Telegram-channel Readovka.

“We have appealed in various courts, government agencies, but was in a legal impasse. We simply cannot realize their constitutional right to housing!”, says in the video.

To date, nearly seven thousand people bought in the village for two thousand dollars and has built 550 houses.

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