In times of corona crisis is seen any help, and formula 1 is no exception. Because the Motorsport world is currently still anyway, many formula 1 Teams, their free capacities to offer their help. Under the Label of “Project Pitlane” unite the seven, in the UK local formula 1 Teams, their resources, to help in the fight against Corona.

Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Williams, Racing, Point and Haas and their respective technology departments – engage the government in your country under the arms and produce about much-needed medical Equipment such as ventilator machines, or appropriate parts thereof, many of COVID-19 patients could save your life.

reveals the First clinical Tests this week

As the Team, Mercedes has produced, in conjunction with scientists from the University College London in just four days, the first device to the CPAP, of which 100 pieces are now in a hospital in North London to go. These devices prevent patients on the intensive care unit, and there are important beds show.

this week, clinical Tests should be carried out with the devices, so you use parts already could be at the end of the week all over the country, be ready. The health authorities have already given the Green light for use.

“On the possibilities of the formula 1 use”

Mercedes has been deconstructed in favour of an existing CPAP machine for decoration and improved. It is said that the Team would have the capacity to produce 300 pieces of the day. If other Teams also, could you produce with a week’s lead time 1000 pieces of the day, it is believed.

“We are grateful that we were able to reduce a process that could take years to a few days,” says Tim Baker, Engineering expert at the University College. “We had the privilege that we were able to draw on the possibilities of formula 1.”

New “Project Pitlane” builds for major devices

The cooperation of the formula 1 Teams is a good idea: “It is great that Mercedes and other formula 1 Teams to hear in these difficult times on the Call,” says world champion Lewis Hamilton and certifies all of you a “great work”, as he writes on Twitter.

The new “Project Pitlane” focuses, according to the formula 1 on three core areas: the Existing medical devices develop, in the production of ventilation equipment to help quickly and new equipment for the certification of design and build.

It means that in addition to the Teams of the formula 1 involved with Pat Symonds and his Technical Team on the project.

Currently, there are already in the UK, more than 17,000 corona confirmed cases, more than 1,000 people, according to the world health organization (Stand: 30. March), died. In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute reports there are currently more than 57,000 cases in more than 450 deceased.

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