Russia’s attempt to provide assistance to Bosnia in the fight against coronavirus failed — the authorities did not allow Russian convoy to cross the border, explaining that the military convoy. Now his fate will determine the collective the President of the country — the presidency. But Balkan experts believe that the Russian aid was the victim of a serious national and geostrategic conflicts in Bosnia. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in the Balkans Gennady Sysoev.For help to the Russian asked the head of one of the chambers of the Bosnian Parliament, Dragan Covic, who is also the leader of the main Bosnian Croat party — Croatian democratic Union. He asked that directed the defense Ministry to Serbia detachment (see “Kommersant” on April 7) conducted disinfection of the hospital in Mostar, which is part of the Muslim-Croat Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The more that three weeks ago this group was provided similar assistance to other parts of the country — the Republika Srpska. But this time, assistance at the destination were not included.A convoy of five Russian special troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection with 24 military drivers and medics moved may 1 from Serbia to Bosnia. But at the checkpoint “Racha” Bosnian border guards convoy stopped, having declared that the resolution on its promotion on the territory of BiH is not received. As it turned out, about the upcoming passage of the convoy of the Russian Embassy in BiH, informed the foreign Ministry on April 30. The Agency marked “urgent” had forwarded the note of the Ministry of defense and Ministry of security, which had to approve the passage and escort of Russian convoy to Mostar. However, the consent they gave.Defense Minister Sifat of Pajic explained that the issuance of permits for the movement on the territory of BiH armed forces of another state (since we are talking about the Russian military convoy) is not a prerogative of his office, and the BiH presidency, performing the function of a collective President. And the head of Security Fahrudin Radoncic added that his service as defense, not allowing the passage of the Russian convoy, only strictly followed the laws of their country.After explanations of the Ministers, however, the question arose, why the same care (five Russian vehicles and 24 specialists) arrived in early April in Republika Srpska without any problems, but differences emerged only regarding its use (see “Kommersant” on April 12). Fahrudin Radoncic replied that in that case the note of the Embassy of the Russian Federation was not mentioned military convoy, now indicating it contains, so the activity of the Russian group cannot be considered as purely humanitarian and it requires special permission.Close the initiator of Russia’s aid to Draganfrom Covic, “Croatian mediaservis” accused of disrupting the action of Ministers from among the Muslims who “started the game on the obstruction of Russian aid”. Balkan analyst Ivan Maric sees the incident differently: “it is clear that behind all this are certain interests. Dragan Covic loses the support of the EU, USA and even Croatia, so turns to the East, developing close relations with the leader of Bosnian Serbs Milorad dodika and with Russia.”Anyway, the fate of the Russian aid is now in the hands of the BiH presidency. Given that it includes three representatives of the Bosnian Muslims, Serbs and Croats, who are often unable to negotiate on more simple issues, the Russian convoy can get to Mostar soon.