the world’s Only robot speaking in Arabic, now patrolling in Abu Dhabi. He watches over the visitors at the police office with the help of surveillance cameras. Since the robot is equipped with facial recognition software, it can instantly identify those who is wanted. He also “knows the person” to all police officers and can distinguish them from visitors. The robot, in addition to the Arabic language, and speaks more English. His memory is loaded with thousands of answers to all sorts of questions. And that, more importantly now, a smart car equipped with a contactless thermometer.

With his help, we will unload the police officers from routine patrol activities and will limit people to people contacts for the period of the pandemic COVID-19, says Suhail al-Haili, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi police.

– For us it not the first similar development experience, – said Oleg Kisakurek, development Director of the company “Promobot”. – Our robots are already working in the police of Kazakhstan, the Russian IFC, departments of cellular communications in Turkey, National Bank of Oman, performing similar tasks. In this position, the robot eliminates all the errors of the human factor – he’s never tired, not rude to visitors, not late for work, and most importantly, never wrong. People may forget the answer to a question, or inadvertently incorrect to measure the temperature, and the robot – never.

Another Perm robot went to work at the airport Sabiha gökçen in Istanbul. It helps passengers get to the boarding gate or to navigate in the terminal and can even call a taxi. Talk to machine in five languages – Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic, and Spanish.

Airport – Sabiha gökçen international airport serves about 30 million passengers per year and is one of the busiest airports in Europe, says Selcuk Yaran, the official representative of the Russian company in Turkey. – Digitalisation is helping the airport to cope with the workload, freeing staff from routine work. The robot always calm, not worried and never forget important information.

Working in the airport Perm robot an increasing interest among the passengers. Talk to him, take pictures and, of course, use his tips.

Soon the robot guardian will appear and in Russia.

the Company “Promobot” received financial and non-financial support through national project “international cooperation and exports”. Specialists of the Russian export center helped to analyze potential markets and find buyers. Also thanks to the national project “international cooperation and exports” company participated in the annual exhibition “exporter of the year”, where he took first place.

Perm robotics has already developed instance of intelligent machines and Russian police have already created the test instance, and perhaps the robotic guards will appear and in Russia.