Hello, gardeners!


26 June/8 July. on Thursday, after the lecture, at 12 o’clock, I was with two of my closest comrades, Mikhailov and Delem, went to the cottage for the Forest corps, the third, the same student, Armstrong. He was the birthday boy, and we gave him the floor to spend the day with him. We went there in a great mood. Between us is not interrupted the animated conversation. We talked about various abstract subjects with full sympathy and harmony in thought and did not notice how he found himself at the threshold of the cottage, where he was warmly welcomed by the family of Armstrong. We were already expecting a hearty lunch. Tired from the long journey and heartfelt outpourings, we quickly destroyed it.

After lunch came the rural pleasure: we ran, joked, laughed, rode in a boat between beautiful Islands on the pond. Mikhailov surpassed himself in wit. A little later we were joined by two more companions, the students of the faculty of mathematics. Our society has become noisier, but less pleasant. The harmony was broken, and I was beside myself. […]

September 14. Environment. Cottage in beaumont at the gate of Bern. Lovely house. Cabinet, white painted, with portraits: the Emperor, the Empress, the Princess Radziwill, Willermet, the crown Prince, the bedroom across the hall, lounge and dining room. Upstairs a few rooms (two for me). Human of the parlor and kitchen on the one hand, the other a stables, a barn and all that belongs to farming. In front of the house a small group of trees with a small pond; through the trees view of the mountains, Bern and its surroundings; on the other hand the field, limited forest, and beside two cottages belonging to the estate, from which extensive views of the mountains. […]

17 may/8 June. Environment. 24th started for me a new life: I moved to the country, t[about] e[St] in the apartment, You[Elijah] Ivanovich Grigorovich. How grateful I am that kindest person! Allowing you to live in his apartment, he for the summer saved me from a nasty situation in which I was on his. Here, on the contrary, I have all the benefits: beautiful room, meblirovany the best way, provided many good samples in terms of painting and sculpture.

the View from my window – against the Sphinx, world – love, peace, tranquility, comfort, in short, all the features and helps to order ideas and thoughts. My occupation is going well. I get up early, whole day passes in the most pleasant: read, draw, write, stare at the prints – time as if added, make it do many. […]

30 Jul/11 Aug. We were in the country at Denisov. […] The cottage – pretty, there are places quite pretty, on both sides of the house are small but pretty garden and clean the houses of the colonists, but the main beauty makes a wide, beautiful Neva, she fascinated me, went past heavy barges, ran lodoc��and run by women, and their songs were heard far away in the water. The house is small, but the exact toy upstairs rooms as cells, the cleanliness everywhere is amazing, I admired her, from one room the view is lovely – in the distance Tsarskoe Selo.

I almost wasn’t in the house, and most of the day spent in front of the Neva, sitting on her steep shore, then walking on it. Here Neva better than in St. Petersburg, because it is not constrained by the granite, and freely, freely rolls its waves playing with the shores, where it is the secular beauty, here is a poet! […]

on 29 June/11 July. […] After dinner came to rest, and after tea went for a walk in an ordinary location on the Boulevard and on the Cathedral mountain… […] Walking was a bit of a now it all who just can go to the villages. Their gardeners here too with the difference that our Vologda the cottages there is so much brilliance and much noise in St. Petersburg, but calm and warm, less fun and more freedom of space.

15/27 may. Thursday. Moving to the cottage in Pavlovsk. Now in its sixth year, we live in the same country of General Merger. And now, despite the rise of prices for dachas in Pavlovsk, I pay the same as in previous years. And prices have risen because of our stupid addiction to all things foreign, because the music will be conducting the great Strauss! Directorate of Railways, they say, paid him for the terrible season the money and almost on his knees begged him to grace us with your presence.

Shuvalovo 19 Jun 1877. […] the Minister I for the second time (the first time I went to explore the country). Yesterday I almost spent the whole day walking and because he made it pretty full term. In General Shuvalovo has the appearance of a mountainous and lake, cottages in the Russian taste is very similar to the Swiss, gives it a kind of little Switzerland. Street nemeshany, protoptannym (which is to give very nice), and some [inaudible] very kindly offered to public paths, which sketched the bricks, boulders, etc. (this is [inaudible], not kindly). Everywhere, the forest is mostly pine, there are also other coniferous and deciduous trees. The lake is quite large, one runs the boat. In Shuvalovo a lot of specimens of rocks. […]

25 may/6 June. […] Dine Sasha in Tsarskoye Selo. Hence the food on Aptekarsky island to Durnovo, to the country of the Minister of internal Affairs, which gr. Thick circled the high brick wall behind which I lived as in a prison. […]

6/18 July. […] I want to ride expensive Mashuk among the fields; here I’ll never back. That’s disgusting: cottager riding! […] In fact, in these cottages, I got disgusted with determination. Before that here one is all lovely and nice: boating on the sea, riding, Cycling, lawn tennis, croquet, etc. – all this is contrary to �� low as soon as I find them to be a summer resident, this neopredelennogo my being. Cottager! what’s worse than a cottager? Babyliss, Monkey, Siversky! – filth, filth. The students, ladies, moms, dogs, bicycles, baths, cows, cane, children, gardeners, and the secret police, nasty, boring, boring!.. One lesson not yet defiled by the touch of a cottager: drawing. I haven’t seen the drawing. […]

16/28 June. […] Monday, June 13, Tsar Alexander III passed by Moscow to the consecration of the Church at the Borki railway station on the Kursk-Kharkov railroad. the road, built in memory of the deliverance of the Royal family from death. Witnesses said that around the railway were set soldiers with loaded guns aimed at neighboring cottages. All summer residents were ordered not to go out during the passage of the Emperor from their homes, not to open Windows and balconies, and it was stated: in the case of disobedience of the soldiers authorized to shoot.

In the village of Tsaritsyno, in the same place near the leaf well. D. built a number of cottages; the cottages are separated from the roadway well. D. Bush, one end of which stood soldiers with guns, and on the other, closer to the cottage, suskie. One of the truckers living 2-year-old little son ran out of the house. Father and mother did not know what to do, because to get feared. One of Sotsky took the child in his arms and brought him to the cottage to his parents. The father appealed to the Sotk with a request that he already stricter he compelled the rascal to get out of the house when not allowed. Sotsky said that the child is the angelic soul, which it is impossible to speak strictly.

28 November/10 December. Yalta. […] Chekhov already lives in a big cottage. Arranged very comfortably. The room is very comfortable, with a large alcove.

at the Desk in this niche with a sofa, above which hangs a painting Levitan, it depicts the river in which A. P. once bathed. On the walls many pictures. From the manual pictures are very interesting watercolor I. N. Potapenko depicting the St. Petersburg street, is done very clumsily. Another watercolor workshop already, reminiscent of the work of Vera Karaseva (but worse), al. Al. Hotyaintsevoy, then oil, “Hut and the Church.” Comfort Chekhov, but tuberculosis but doubtless. Sic. To talk when the ladies were about. […]

4/17 January. M-me Kaufman talked a lot about V. F. TREPOV. She said that TREPOV 260 thousand RUB debt that it for snacks one Eliseev have more than 5 thousand RUB, the entire St. Petersburg talked about the cottage which he had hired for the summer, for which two months paid 2500 RUB that in his country there were daily champagne dinners with Maengahama, the Kleynmiheley and various senior officials[…]

1/14 may. I Moved to the country in Kuskovo, New Gireev, where earlier a young mother and spent the summer, where broke the first children’s love, irresponsible, full of poetry and of worship, to the A. M. Medvedeva, who was then 16 years old, and I was 12; where we lived was a child’s bright life with walks in the woods, with the cavalcade on horseback riding when I was so naughty, not once, not twice me, prancing on her, threw the laughter of others, and to me on the mountain. […] Now I’m here again, where he held a bright childhood. Already, many do not, many have changed, added a lot of unnecessary cottages. Sitting on its upper terrace, when it got dark, I revel in the fragrance of the night, and the singing of the Nightingale. But all quiet, left all the old, and people are crushed and living differently, differently.

16/29 February. Spring [1902] ended. I wanted to zaklin’e, old, beautiful house that seeing the love for her sad beauty. (Give at all so insulting! But this one does not). […]

3/16 APR. Many anxiously waiting for the may; on all sides it was referred to as the month which should be a revolution. Whether so or not, only the government was apparently preparing for the worst; […] Generally bandied about and many arrests; many ordinary people intend to leave Peter and move to the garden before may 1; summer cottages in Finland are selling like hot cakes, as only the margin is recognized now the most secure from the coming terror. […]

30 April/13 may. […] are Expected tomorrow riots in St. Petersburg. Many in anticipation of this day left – who in the country who is abroad.

on 28 June/11 July. In Saratov arrived in the morning in a suburban train. Approaching Saratov, in the car included the mass of vacationers. It turns out, despite the fear of the bullies, a lot have moved from Saratov to testify. Bullies and there are many – in the cottages had two or three murders to robbery. In aktarsk I got a government loan for the massacre of 1400 RUB, and, fearing robbers, the money is transferred through the Treasury to Penza – easier to feel, without a lot of money. I’m listening to the truckers stories about the antics of the bullies decided that it did very well, sending money to Penza. […]

September 29/October 12. Friday. Got up at 6 1/2, drank coffee and went to the station. Well it was great! The air is so fresh and pleasant, the sun not yet exist, and only the tops of the mountains were illuminated.

In Lausanne and moved to another train and headed to Geneva. The road is very beautiful: all the villages and cottages. I chose the cottage for us and dreamed of how nice it would be for us to stay here in the summer. […]

2 Aug. […] the Steamer took us around the Bay to the Saimaa canal. Charming places at the first gateway, where both sides are located amidst a green garden. Uchila is the second gateway of the same name. At the Marina we were expecting Alec Traubenberg and sister of her brother the Countess Heiden (born[ennaya] Musin-Pushkin) with the pretty daughter��of IMI Marina, Olga and Lily and 14-year-old son George. Gadanov has a cottage next to the cottage Traubenberg. The husband of the Countess – sailor adjutant, divorces her and marries the maid Imp. And[lexandra] f[Fedorovny], Venison which can not be compared with a sweet, attractive Countess.

Traubenberg Cottage – cosy wood cabin in the forest. We ate Breakfast on the covered balcony – a table buried in flowers. Everyone had fun, the owners received so warmly, affectionately. […]

Walked through the garden, climbed the tower, from where a lovely view of the neighborhood, down the granite stairs with steep cliffs, called Jacob’s ladder. Went to a nice dacha of Countess Heiden, drinking tea at Traubenberg. All of society has volunteered to accompany us back to Vyborg on the boat. So it was relaxed and fun, but a bit tedious.[…]

3/16 August.

Cottage – the Rain. The rain – giving.

Boredom, cold, bad luck

the Thought froze.

Strange sad

I want to write only orally

I Can not Express – Inks

evil force seduced

writing – I don’t want

And though sad – laugh

If W fun – I cry

the Devil carried me to the country

For what you write don’t know

Only rhymes select

This page defer

And pretty – I fell asleep

I want to go to bed

Going to bed

This a sample of what’s in the head occurs when the add-on strike.

12/25 Aug. so, I am very happy arrived in Terijoki. Zakharovykh great big family: six brothers, two sisters, plus two husbands at the sisters, plus two wives, the brothers, for a total of twelve; mother’s and the father does not live in Terijoki and only occasionally comes over. All people adult (Boris almost the youngest) and in General there is complete unity of the Republic. Well! Surprisingly at ease feeling with them.

the Country is rich, “Villa”, as it is more suitable name, is furnished with the most impeccable comfort, all the inhabitants to be extremely nice people, simple, young and cheerful. Barely a few days since I learned all came together with everyone and felt like a fish in water. Croquet, tennis, playing four hands, swimming in the sea, walking – all one after the other. […]

24 April/7 may. Tuesday. Received a letter from the Faith. I am very happy. She writes that although we do not have to remove their country, but we’ll see. I want rather to Vasil. […] I’ll go, Lida and skein, and after our coming. Oh, how good to go! First long drive to the mouth on the train, then on the boat. Just to pass the exams. […]

12/25 may. Bykovo Monday.

Wonderful weather. Place here, Kras��those amazing. Our cottage on the hill. Down the river – clean, with cool twists, quietly flowing amongst the endless meadows. Dali – circle – miles-fifty. On the one hand to the village, on the other – the river is adjacent to the manor ilina with a magnificent Palace – apparently Nicholas era, but completely Italian architecture. […] Is the former estate of the Vorontsov-Dashkov. The remnants of former splendour, the fortress pores. And where we, is a former farm, and cottages built from the stables[…].

was just remembering the past… our Old garden… Troekurovo, Selevino Demyanovo, Semenkovo… And here we are back in the country – together, openly, in “full legal right”. Horror no. But so much bitterness, so fatigue!.. […]

And one must live! We have to make, ie “doing things”, and where the case – there from all sides – traps, pits, snares, cunning, strong, unscrupulous predators. We must constantly be alert not to fall… “Where here to read books!..” Oh, how we are both tired! Then, those “cottages” we were young, and love the magician turned zelevinsky hut in blue shell… […]

27 may/9 June. All we have to share. Leave the most necessary things, linen, clothes, books. Want to live in the country this summer, among strange people, to see smaller and, most importantly, for peace. Tired of the number of people and conversations around. How would drowned Russia in conversations. Painful feeling of illusiveness and the instability of everything. […]

23 July/5 August. so, today I am Kropotkin. […] Niece Kropotkin, Katerina Nikolaevna, a woman of 45, pours tea – a sweet old man with false teeth and naval agent Brit. The Embassy, the names of whom I do not know. It tells how two weeks ago, soldiers did they have in the country a search – there are no food stocks. She told them: – do you know who lives here? – Who? – Kropotkin, revolutionary! – And we do not care… And let’s break the door to the attic. Kropotkin’s called the Commissioner Nevedomska (the Miklashevskii), and soldiers turn tail. […]

March 22. Received a package from a Military revolutionary staff: “Citizen Menshikov. The military revolutionary headquarters offers gr. Menshikov to take a room in his house to Shelter refugees, as Chief Hydraulic part is giving George” […]

31 Aug. Woke up in a deep depression. Yesterday, the Department of agriculture sent a response to the petition: none of my reasons are not accepted, the country should move to public property. Themselves indicate the article of the decree, to-heaven says something completely different, and grammatically more, and still insist on your. The legal concepts of frayed, like a rotten rag. The new government does not listen even to his Central authority, interprets the decrees of SND {Parliament.} awry. Going to try again to talk to them, but obviously without��yakogo result. Take the last corner and the last piece of land, forced to pay for the right to live in my own home, and what to pay? Than to feed children? […]

January 6. […] Brailovsky also in Alupka. They heard from the gloomy news and finally decided to sell the cottage and move abroad[…]

17 Feb. […] just got robbed at Pavlenky in the country, the widow of the architect Nianka. At the cottage she lived 5 policemen. The robbers tied them up and robbed everything, threatening to kill itself nitsenko. Looting everywhere, a lot. After the robbery, nicenko one of the robbers said, “Well, now we have to finish it”. She begged for mercy. “Well, to hell with it,” he said, before leaving, the robbers. In the local newspaper of the Council of workers of looting a word. […]

8/21 April. […] Slander all the time, we went to living in Verbovka agronomist who runs Drokova. His wife and mother-in-law treated us to a wonderful Easter, this I have never in my life did not eat, and cakes. There we learned that all the cottages requisitioned under orphanages and no premises can not be obtained. […]

may 22. Saturday. Received a letter from Annushka, country storozhihi. Asking for a receipt that MPD [horse], she sold her and that she selected. Our country put handmade girls from school. Thank God, though not a soldier, giving at least didn’t screw up.

28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday. Morning with A[newtoy], the Barbara and Christ[another] went to Sergievo. Got good luck Paul. What desolation where he was before our country: a thick growth, all roads are overgrown! Became sad. […] Almost all cottages and Stobus[ova] no longer exist. […]

July 21. […] Come to me boy grushkin, very sensitive, intelligent, well-read, 10-year-old. With him I went to a children’s sanatorium (to be placed in the cottages that once belonged to Grusenberg, Dr. Klyachko and Dr. Solovyov). There are treated and the rest of the children of workers and generally poor. The impression of a beautiful. I think, O. O. Gruzenberg would be happy if could see that it made such a great use. I remember how tedious and wildly lived in this cottage the owners. The Usc. OS. always wanted to the South to Tiflis here he was cold, he hated sestroretskiy climate and everyone tried to make their cottage “to the South, italianne”. His daughter Sonia, sour, sleepy, restless, bored wandered through the magnificent rooms. And always came some uninteresting guests, cousins, relatives, assistants Pris. attorneys. The cottage was for all the burden of labor and unnecessary. And now – everywhere blond naked, sunburned children, happy air, the sun and the sea. […]

Publication M. A. Melnichenko by a grant of Russian scientific Foundation (project N19-18-00221).