It is not a simple time is not currently, for all of us. But especially for the older people in our country. The life-threatening risk of infection ruled out with the Coronavirus, you must go to them at a distance.

you are suffering from the lack of hugs of their own children, the cuddly stop with the grandchildren, to Friends of the new distance, and friends. “Social Distancing” is truly structure is not a good word, because social contacts should be intensified now more likely to – just in other Ways.

For example, by telephone. I remember that my dad got earlier every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. a phone call: aunt Lisa, the sister of his father, was in it. For them, the conversation was always a Highlight of the week. My father never complained. “We will also get old,” he used to say.

“We get old,” used to say my father.

My mother just sent me a small notebook. The phone numbers of all of my older Relatives are cleanly listed. My paternal grandmother had to imagine ten siblings, you can the resulting tree. I have now started my relationship abzutelefonieren. With many I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

The joy at the other end of the line was huge. Called I’ve just had “my Oldies” in the residence for the elderly, I regularly entertaining Talk-round host. Currently, you need to be, unfortunately, we talk on the phone now.

On Saturday we talked about our first movies. A lady told me that she has experienced in 1962 with her husband, the German Premiere of “Schatz im Silbersee” in the Essener Lichtburg. As a cowboy Fan, I was immediately impressed. They raved about the handsome movie star Lex Barker, who embodied the Old shatterhand. “Such a nice man, much nicer than my own.”

We laughed out loud – and it was as if we were sitting as usual in the cosy lounge for coffee and cake quite close to each other.

This article was written by Frank Behrendt

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