Helle Thorning-Schmidt and her husband, Stephen Kinnock, visited Saturday kinnock’s parents to celebrate kinnock’s dad’s 78 birthday.

But the visit did not fall in good soil with the police in South Wales.

Stephen Kinnock put a picture of the visit up on his Twitter profile, and it got the police to the keys with a small challenge. the (SEE the ADVERTISEMENT AT the BOTTOM OF the ARTICLE).

In a comment to the image they wrote:

“Hello. We know that it is wonderful to celebrate his father’s birthday, but it has not been a visit that has been absolutely necessary.”

“We all have our role to play in this time, and we strongly encourage you to comply with the restrictions, which are decided by the government. Thank you,” wrote the police.

It was not Stephen Kinnock to write sorry or acknowledge his errors.

He answered the police with the following words:

“It is my opinion that the trip was important as I had to deliver some needed goods to them.”

“I was there long enough that I was able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him – and so was I slipped again. All the best, Stephen.”

In the picture looks like it is also, however, that the former Danish prime minister and the husband kept a safe distance to the ageing parents.

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