It will be the finale of SnowpenAir, the on the weekend of 4. and 5. April of 2020 is going to go to Kleine Scheidegg on the stage. As the organizers said on Wednesday, the festival delivers Helene Fischer (35) the Grand finale of the music. It is the first Swiss appearance of the stars, since the big break. In TV, she’ll already be used to see to: On Christmas, the SRF radiates back to their “Helene Fischer Show”.

even Though the joy is great, to have the currently most successful German female singer in the Line-up, is Urs Kessler, CEO Jungfrau Railways and the founder of the SnowpenAirs. wistfully voted. To the Festival in the future no longer perform, “me, personally, very close”, see the media release to.

You have the event to pressure one set to family “sacrifice”, so the new V-Bahn realized could be that in the future, up to 47 minutes faster to the Jungfraujoch go to.

Also, Sunrise Avenue is coming

in addition to Helene Fischer, the Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue, Patent Ochsner, and Francine Jordi (42) from Bern and the Valais singer Stefanie Heinzmann (30) will occur at 2061 metres above sea level.

The first SnowpenAir was held in 1998 with the Swiss Gotthard and Florian Ast (44). Since then, artists were artists from home and abroad, such as The Fantastic Four, James Morrison (35), Deep Purple, Roxette, love bugs, Crocus, or Pegasus on the stage. (sda/bnr)