The German pop icon Helene Fischer (35) give a creative break. Only rarely is not listening to your something to, public concerts, they are, on social media remains almost mute. Only three articles posted in the musician in this year on your Instagram Account. Now she broke her Silence and is back for a good reason: she was 35 years old!

you celebrated with your loved one

“Hello everyone, yesterday I got my 35. Birthday watered, and with my loved one a wonderful day spent,” writes the blonde. “Because the Motto “live, love, laugh was not” too short!”

Next she would like to thank the wishes of their Fans, for the love of luck, there is no indication to stand on the stage again: “You still have a lot of beautiful balmy summer evenings where you are celebrating, hopefully hilarious, because do not forget: Viva la Vida! See you soon, your Helene.” The rare news, the singer makes a Video of your last year’s summer tour, with their Latin-music-inspired song “Viva La Vida”.

Fans love

your fan base pleased with the sugar sweet words of Fischer: “Nice to hear that you had a nice day! So glad to see your words,” writes a User. “All that matters is that you’re happy, especially on your day!” another says. Even “Viva Helene” is to be read.

The time-out seems to be the singer to do well: last year was turbulent to the end. They announced that their ten-year relationship with Florian silver iron (38), confessed in the same breath, also to have a new man in her life. Since then, she’s with the dancers and acrobats Thomas lateral (33), of Helene Fischer at their last two tours accompanied, officially.

in December, again on the stage

Who is Helene Fischer live want to experience, you must wait probably until the end of the year. Only towards the middle of November/beginning of December the Euro vision is recorded-Christmas show “The Helene Fischer Show”. Traditionally this will be broadcast on Christmas day. (imh)