After Christine Lambrecht’s resignation, there was speculation as to who could succeed the breakdown minister. Three top politicians are apparently already out of the running – and two women are currently the most promising candidates.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigns. She asked Chancellor Olaf Scholz (both SPD) to be dismissed, the minister said in a statement. The search for a suitable successor is now beginning for Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

A whole series of names have been circulating since Friday. Now, as the “Bild” reports, apparently three top politicians who have been traded as possible successors are out of the running: Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), SPD leader Lars Klingbeil and Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD).

Schmidt is considered Scholz’s most important advisor and, according to information from the newspaper, should therefore not switch to the Ministry of Defence. Heil appears to be out of the running because he is considered too important in the Labor Department and has no defense policy experience. And SPD leader Lars Klingbeil is said to have made it clear that he would rather remain party leader than become a minister.

So who is left to take over the Department of Defense after Lambrecht’s departure?

Eva Högl, the Federal Government Commissioner for the Armed Forces, was recently mentioned more frequently as a possible successor. She sat in the Bundestag for the SPD from 2009 to 2020 and was temporarily deputy parliamentary group leader.

As a military commissioner, she understands something about the structures of the Bundeswehr. Most recently, she had repeatedly commented on the arms deliveries to Ukraine. The doctor of law was traded for the office of Federal Minister of Justice in 2018.

The “Tagesschau” also learned from her SPD colleagues that she familiarizes herself with topics faster than almost anyone else. According to some SPD politicians from the left wing, however, Högl represents the positions of the conservative SPD wing too strongly.

Siemtje Möller, Lambrecht’s parliamentary state secretary, could also follow in the footsteps of the current defense minister. The 39-year-old is considered an expert on defense issues. In 2017 she was elected to the Bundestag for the first time. From 2020 to 2022 she was also one of the spokespersons for the Seeheimer Kreis, an association of SPD members of the Bundestag who, according to their own statements, stand for “modern and pragmatic politics”. Within the SPD parliamentary group, they are seen as the conservative wing.

In addition to the “big” names, there are also lists of SPD MPs who are familiar with the topic of defense policy. There are names like Rebecca Schamber, Marja-Liisa Völlers, Sarah Lahrkamp, ​​Gabriela Heinrich, Katrin Budde and Luiza Licina-Bode.

However, it does not seem certain that a woman will actually follow Lambrecht. As the “Bild” learned, the women’s quota should no longer apply to the occupation of the Ministry of Defense. Background: At the beginning of his tenure, Scholz promised to fill at least half of his government team with women. But now the chancellor apparently reserves the right to make a man defense minister.

And a new name comes into play: General Carsten Breuer. In November 2021, Scholz made him head of the federal government’s Corona crisis team in the Chancellery. A few months ago he became commander of the newly established central territorial command of the Bundeswehr, which was set up as a reaction to the Ukraine war.

The 58-year-old was deployed in Afghanistan, among other places, and received the First Class Cross of Merit. However, it would be politically sensitive to make a general a minister.

It will be officially announced on Tuesday who will actually succeed Lambrecht in the ministry.