Why Old when you can have a New – pardon – young? Heidi Klum (45) in love with a man who is 16 years younger. It was a year ago, that she has fallen in love with Tokio-Hotel-guitarist Tom Kaulitz (29), and soon the wedding bells ring. “Tom is the love of my life,” said Heidi in a recent US talk show. “He is also German, we have the same roots, and I feel very understood by him.”

A life in the fast Lane

Since her breakthrough as a Model in the US, has created the blonde from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bergisch-Gladbach (D) millions of heavy Klum Empire, including its own casting shows. As a model mom admired and feared at the same time, it leads a life on the fast Lane. This also applies to your love life: at a young age, Heidi leaned still like to be in a strong chest with white hairs, how about the 23 years her senior, Flavio Briatore (69). Inconceivable that Heidi’s show today, the former formula 1 team boss, the COO would – after all, she has remained in the Form of a sugar daddy she doesn’t need a long time ago.

Heidi Klum keeps the reins themselves in the Hand,

The turning point came for Heidi with forty, at the time, she was in a relationship with your peers Bodyguard Martin Kristen (45), Vito Schnabel (32) followed. Because of the art dealer, was 13 years younger, he was referred to as her “Toyboy”. But why would you accuse a woman like Heidi, what is for men a matter of course? She is not only successful, but also attractive and keeps the reins themselves in the Hand. She is the Tokio Hotel guitarist Kaulitz better than in the case of an art dealer Schnabel. Tom is entirely in the Klum’s cosmos can be integrated In Partner-Look, he is posing like a of Events, during the holidays and also in the Business, he mixed with Heidi’s casting show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” play Tokyo Hotel the new title melody.

selects men, young

A fall of Heidi’s love life, on feels – she’s never alone for long. And chooses men she feels young. Initially, on the side of more Mature gentlemen, now you’re making out with Tom as a Teenager. That’s not all Fans. The criticism roll off of Heidi’s permanent smile, the age difference, she commented in a U.S. fashion magazine: “This is really the only Time that the issue of age to me is literally pushed in your face and I have to justify myself. Otherwise, I don’t think so much about it.” Although she has denied pregnancy rumors, but four times the mother is capable of anything another Baby.