But Model-mom Heidi Klum not to is that it’s all peace, joy and eggs is always cake, even for her: “We try as best we can. There is always a reason why you’re with someone, you know? It is not all rosy. So, it is not easy,” she reveals in the may issue of ‘Red’magazine.

source: instagram.com So the everyday life with four children,

It seems however, as if Heidi and Seal do with the common children super, she adds: “Sometimes it is difficult, but then you have to come together as a family and sometimes everything is just as you would bounce on the clouds. is It is just the way it is.“

Through your everyday life with your four children you told: “I have great people to help me. I was always up to mom and dad to go in a Person – to work, to be home. I get up every Morning at 6 am, because one of the children must be 6 at 50 outside to go to school.“

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