Heidi Klum (46) enjoys life with Tom Kaulitz (29). The “Germany’s Next Topmodel”-juror no other way out of your treasure from the side.

Out of the tour bus his Band Tokio Hotel, they shared a sleepy Selfie with her Fans. But the comments are consistently positive. There is a Shitstorm on the horizon.

Model-Mama Heidi counters

A Fan asks sarcastically: “the other band members about it?” Another User wants to know where actually, gone are the children, if you are touring with Tom Kaulitz. But that’s not enough, some Users complain that Klum had to live old for the tour bus. “Oh, God, she thinks she’s still 25?” On the last question-there’s even a counter of the top models of the moment: “had just become a birthday and I’m 46 years OLD. But even people of my AGE still alive, too.”

Heidi is cool, the age of criticism so. And also get encouragement from your positive-minded Fans. “This talk of age is such a bullshit. You fall in love with the people and not the age”, it says. A Fan finds it amazing how much Klum your loved one supports: “Heidi, the Megastar helps the Comeback. Sits in empty halls, even though they filled the halls. This can only be true love!” (euc)