Wednesday was the hottest day of the year and today’s temperature could tumble records again. Who can, spend the day on and in the water. Anyone who works, sitting either in a hot or an air-conditioned office.

Not so, Jürg Large (49). The office of the green liberal President in Frutigen in the Bernese Oberland stays at hatching heat pleasantly cool. Without the need for electricity-guzzling air-conditioning or ventilation. “We have been in our building several large office space with 40 workstations. Despite outside temperatures around 35 degrees, the Thermometer never climbs above 24.5 degrees.”

Large worked out with his company electric plan for years on systems for intelligent building control – and applies the findings on the building of our own. Absolutely valuable against the heat, the intelligent Storen, so Great be. “Our Blinds know at any time the exact sun. They align in such a way that as much natural light as possible gets into the office and stop at the same time, the over sun heating radiation on the window surfaces.”

close window during a Thunderstorm by itself

The second digital measure against the tropical heat in the office: night cooling! Electric window open automatically as soon as the Outside – the interior temperature to fall. In the night so. So the rooms cool even in the tropical nights, on 21 to 22 degrees. Especially practical: Sensors detect the weather conditions: strong Winds, rain or Thunderstorms, the close window all by itself.

“In comparison with similar buildings, we consume only 18 percent electricity and 25 percent of heat” so Great. The power for this building control supplies – of course – the photovoltaic system on the roof.

indoor gates do nothing

these clever Blinds are also useful in Winter. Then they aimed for the sun, that the building is a maximum of heated. Textile roller blinds prevent the employee from being blinded.

Per window – Blinds, and automatic Opening – the cost is a few hundred francs. Who doesn’t want to spend this money for his apartment, can you run the digital tricks simply by Hand. “I recommend closing in the Morning all the Windows and the outside gates to roll down and so wrong, that no solar radiation comes on the discs,” says energy efficiency-professional Major.

Inside, however, not to the summer heat, would serve as protection, since the sun heated the slices and the whole heat in the room was coming. Key to a cool home is, according to Major in addition to the window during the whole night in the open.