You’re in series fever or want to enjoy the latest Netflix hit and open a bag of chips. The next evening there are peanuts. And do you like to satisfy a little hunger at your desk with a chocolate bar or jelly beans? After a few days like this, do you notice that the snacks are getting on your hips or that you really don’t feel like greasy snacks anymore? There is another way! We show you healthy and tasty alternatives.

Do-it-yourself is the magic word. If you prepare your snacks yourself, you know what’s in them. No hidden additives, fats or sugar. If you take the extra time, you will not eat the result as naturally as you would the chips from the bag, but eat more consciously.

The most obvious thing to do is to replace greasy snacks with raw foods. You can nibble them comfortably at the same time and don’t have to have a bad conscience. Celery and cucumber in particular are recommended, as both have a very high water content. A delicious dip goes well with it.

You can quickly make a dip from yoghurt or cream cheese. Simply buy the low-fat variant such as skyr in the supermarket and refine it with chives, basil or cucumber pieces.

Are you bored of yoghurt? Then try an avocado dip. Anyone who argues that avocados have so much fat is right. But these are unsaturated fatty acids that keep you hungry for longer. Hummus is also a healthy dip. It consists of chickpeas and can also be made in the kitchen at home. It tastes good on its own or refined with beetroot, for example.

A great alternative to peanuts are roasted chickpeas. They promote digestion and have a high iron and calcium content. However, be careful when preparing them: uncooked chickpeas are poisonous due to the poison phasin and the bitter substance saponin.

Popcorn doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. After enjoying it, your teeth stick together and you know that you have just consumed tons of sugar. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because popcorn can be easily made in the pan at home. Of course, you should leave out the sugar and season with salt or garlic instead.

Olives are also a healthy snack because they contain unsaturated fatty acids, such as sodium, calcium and zinc. Insider tip: the green olives have slightly fewer calories than the black ones.

Do you really want to nibble chips? Then grab zucchini instead of ready-made products from the bag. Simply cut into thin slices and place on a baking sheet with a little oil, rosemary or basil. In the oven and done! If that’s still too boring for you, you can do the same with kale leaves. This is a crispy, fancy variant.

If you prefer sweet instead of salty, you should try apple chips. They are far healthier than potato chips from a bag and with a little patience (the apple slices have to be in the oven for about four hours) you can also make this variant at home.

The same goes for banana chips too. They are nice and crunchy, naturally sweet and a great alternative to greasy snacks.

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