are insurer customers of the health insurance companies enough, they are always dissatisfied with the performance of your. A study of the comparison service money country shows. “The decline in customer satisfaction is likely to be due to the constant increase in Premiums,” says Benjamin Manz (38), managing Director of money country.

For 2020, the first forecasts of an average premium rise in the health insurance in the basic insurance of two to three percent.

Assura cuts at the worst

Especially dissatisfied customers of the three health insurance Visana (“satisfactory”), Groupe Mutuel (“satisfactory”) and Assura (“enough”). All other funds obtained in the study, the overall rating of “good” or “very good”. The highest ratings for Agrisano, KPT, Swica and ÖKK.

The French-speaking Swiss are with your health in General, less satisfied than the German Swiss. Likewise, the very young, in contrast to the Older. “The younger Insured is angry, especially about the high premiums, especially as they relate fewer benefits than Older ones”, i.e. in money of the country.

payouts take too long

At the request of a VIEW promised both Visana, as well as the Groupe Mutuel improvement. “We are undertaking great efforts,” writes Groupe Mutuel, “to improve continuously the relationships with our customers.” All the same, Contrary to the trend in the industry has improved the satisfaction of the Groupe-Mutuel customers compared to the previous year. Particularly on the telephone accessibility for the Insured, the insurance company wants to work more.

The worst of the Assura cuts as in previous years. The cheap cash refers to as a possible justification for the dissatisfaction of your customers to your System to pay for the doctor and hospital bills. These have to shell out the Insured person first and you will be able to submit, only then, the insurance company.

look Up the customer’s money of the Assura, it takes an average of 25 days. For too long, apparently, because the criterion “speed of payment” shall be the cash on the worst grade. “Our customers want the lowest possible costs, depth of management, so that our premiums remain affordable,” says the Assura to slow payment processing.