The health insurance premiums, according to a survey from the tax the biggest financial Problem for a household. Nevertheless, the Switzerland want Swiss to no benefits. This is one of the health monitor 2019 on a survey conducted by the research Institute gfs.bern is based on behalf of Interpharma, the representation of the interests of the Swiss pharmaceutical company.

86 percent have a very or somewhat positive overall impression of the health care. The Phase of stable, high overall satisfaction to consider, therefore, another year, writes inter Pharma. Since 2013, at least three-quarters of Voters had a positive overall judgment.

treatments abroad

advocates are, However, only 61 percent believe the quality of healthcare as good or very good. The are 20 percentage points less than in the previous year’s survey.

The interrogated Voters, defendant again reinforces the individual burden of health insurance premiums and are open to any individual, potentially cost-cutting measures such as cheap treatments abroad. As a result, 75 percent of respondents want health insurance to pay for equivalent but cheaper treatment abroad. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of 22 percentage points.

The respondents Voting your choice, the free choice of doctor, and weights, free access to medicines, the quality and the quantity is higher than the cost considerations. They prefer the principle of the community instead of the self-responsibility. As a result of this, 57 percent would leave the medically prescribed heroin dispensing by the cash paid, which corresponded to an increase of 22 percentage points compared to the last survey.

Expansion instead of removal

as before, the clear majority of the respondents holds the drugs prices to be high. Currently-mandated price cuts would be hardly noticed, holding inter Pharma. Once it’s more than trifles, were effect of and best possible treatments for majorities in the foreground.

With the current catalog of services, the respondents are generally satisfied. It is rather desired than a removal. The current System head-on premiums is accepted. Increasingly, it is possible to make friends with automatic measures to limit costs, cheaper treatments abroad, or bonuses on non-related services. Income-dependent premiums, however, not currently opportune. (SDA)