“the Construction of this strategic facility will allow to solve long-standing problem of accidents and interruptions in water supply because of the deterioration of the existing conduit. Newly built branch should ensure the quality and stable water supply mountain water to residents of Maikop and the Maikop district”, – said Murat Kumpilov.

Group water conduit was built in 1982, and the need for replacement of obsolete pipes is long overdue. State support Federal target program “South of Russia for 2008-2013” in the amount of more than 1.2 billion rubles were given the opportunity to build 57.6 kilometers of total 120,6 kilometers an extensive network of conduit.
Strategically significant goal was achieved with the support of the Federal center. A lot of work in this area was done by the Deputy of the state Duma from Adygeya Vladislav Reznik. For the project of the RA in 2018 allocated more than 3.5 billion rubles.

construction Began in April 2018. The construction of large-scale engineering of the facility is LLC “Installation” using the most modern technologies. Most of the work takes place in difficult conditions of remote mountain areas. Therefore, the reliability of the object applied special technology, carefully planned each stage of construction. This takes into account the balance between the implementation of technology standards and protect the environment.

“it is Important that we have been able to build badly needed for the population infrastructure facility without compromising nature. All work should be carried out qualitatively and on schedule,” – said Murat Kumpilov.

As reported the head of Ministry of construction of RA Valery Kartamyshev, work is carried out in accordance with the schedule of works and utilization of funds. The pipeline route to the source on the river Size, which was held on the territory of especially protected natural territory (OOPT) “Mountain of Adygea”, adjusted and withdrawn beyond the SPA.

According to the management of OOO “Installation”, currently the most part of works on construction of water pipelines has been conducted. Completed construction of the main alignment of a conduit with a length of 64 kilometers, and laid the taps to three settlements: p. Tobacco (2.9 km), V. Sankt-Peterburg (4.3-kilometer), to p. Tula (8.5 kilometers). In addition, built a new reservoir at headworks; the station of deferrization of water on Gaverdovski intake capacity of 24000 m?/day.

weather permitting until the end of the year it is planned to complete the project. It remains to build in the mountains, the water intakes on the river and the Creek Size Logopedista, as well as the remaining part of the pipeline in locations with difficult mountainous terrain: about 25 kilometers with the increase of the total length of a branched network of watercourses. This site will link sources water (all five of them, one of them new) with headworks.

After object input in operation the volume of the supplied water will increase up to 140 thousand cubic meters per day. Now the maximum capacity is 100 thousand cubic meters per day.

the Head of Adygea noted that this infrastructure object depends on stable water supply of the population of Maikop and the Maikop district, and the development of a tourist complex in the mountain part of the region.