Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne has died at the age of 88. This was confirmed by the Puig group, to which the “Paco Rabanne” brand belongs, on Friday afternoon.

The Spanish designer Paco Rabanne is dead. The cosmetics group Puig, under whose umbrella Rabanne’s label runs, confirmed on Friday that the fashion designer died at the age of 88. The Spaniard was famous not only for his fashion but also for his perfumes.

The best-known fragrances include “1 Million”, “Invictus” and “Olympéa”. Rabanne was born in Spain, but fled to France with his family in 1939. But the beginning of his life was anything but ordinary. At just seven years old, he is said to have had a vision and is said to have foreseen the future of the world. At least his own future in the world of fashion seemed to be a bit predetermined, because Paco Rabanne’s mother worked as a seamstress for the Spanish fashion company “Balenciaga”, which is still very successful today.

Although he ended up studying architecture in Paris, he made some extra money with fashion drawings. His drafts were characterized by futuristic designs and thus already dictated the look that he would later perfect with his label “Paco Rabanne”.

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