International football Cristiano Ronaldo has become the rage of some of the Portuguese on the neck is reached. They don’t understand that the world star, yesterday, in a group – was allowed to train at the national stadium and Madeira, while they were keeping a close eye quarantainemaatregelen follow-up. It has one of the most influential athletes in the world are the privileges? The local government of Madeira, was forced to reach the unpleasant situation to be good. “No, he did not have such privileges. He was there only briefly and did so little harm,” says Pedro Ramos, the regional secretary of Health.

On march 8, flew on for the goaltjesdief from the Top to the Portuguese island of Madeira, in order to avoid the serious consequences of the coronacrisis. Boredom seems to be strange to him, because social media is appearing all the time movies have a ‘CR7′, who knows what to do: sunbathe, swim, and selfies to attract, and be especially hard to work out the nature of the beast, is also in quarantine. Two days ago, he verloofdeGeorgina the Team in the driveway of his residence is still sprints up hill.

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it’s a five-time winner of the Ballon d’or as the fog clear off the ball. Not a problem, as he or his entourage was scheduled to have yesterday to work out in hetnationaal stadium, home of the Madeira, is also home to CD Nacional. According to the Portuguese Correio da Manhã, there are a number of local officials have given permission. The Portuguese media that Ronaldo will be there for a couple of hours to stay here.