Anyone who is currently looking for a job and has a knack for photography is currently offering a golden opportunity. Because Robert Habeck’s Ministry of Economics is looking for a photographer for the minister’s appointments. Official designation: “Framework agreement on photographic support for the minister and commissioned photography for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.”

The job is well remunerated: the ministry puts the “estimated total value” at 350,000 euros – without VAT! The job is initially limited from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024, but there are two “extension options” of one year each. The 350,000 euros are estimated for the maximum possible four years.

The new photographer should fulfill four tasks in particular: Photographic travel and appointment support, provision of images and image processing, commissioned photography for BMWK public relations and archiving of the transmitted photographs.

The media psychologist Joe Groebel told the “Bild” newspaper about Habeck’s tender: “He should look twice – even as a minister. Habeck is concerned about his image as a trustworthy man.” In order not to damage this, “every appearance that he is mixing personal and party interests with those of the ministry must be avoided – even if it is legally clean.” For important appointments the press anyway.

In response to the “image” request, the ministry emphasized that such a photographer had previously existed. And according to the newspaper, other ministries also afford such photographers. In the case of the Chancellery, there are even four. The photographer from the Development Ministry, for example, is in about the same price range as in the Habeck case. The photographer in the Ministry of Construction only collects 20,865 euros for 17 months (until the end of 2023), the newspaper reports.

Those who are interested should hurry: The call for applications on the ministry’s website is still valid until December 6th.

Father State is not only dear to us, he is also a bit crazy. As if he were in a state of mental derangement, he is currently not fighting the shortage of skilled workers, but rather the work itself.

Stadtwerke Dreieich recently raised the electricity price – to 37.50 cents per kilowatt hour. The federal government’s electricity price brake is therefore ineffective here. Managing director Steffen Arta warns of undesirable developments on the market and in politics. He also let Scholz and Habeck know that.

While Scholz recently traveled to China at his own request, the Foreign Ministry seems to want to drastically change the China course. But how exactly is that supposed to work?

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