When “Goodbye Germany” star Jens Büchner died unexpectedly in November 2018, the shock was deep for fans and family. Widow Daniela Büchner still misses her Jens very much. In “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” she shows that her husband and father of her children has a very special place in the house.

In addition to YouTuber couple Lisha and Lou, bar operator Marco Gülpen and wife Tamara and restaurateur couple Licia and Mark Wycislik, Daniela Büchner and daughter Joelina were also part of “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” in the “Goodbye Germany” special.

Danni cooks on the last day and the first thing she does is show her little “villa”, as she calls her house. In the living room, next to a huge sofa, there is also a photo of the wedding with her late husband Jens Büchner († 49). The couple emigrated to Mallorca in December 2015. “‘Goodbye Germany’ was the beginning of all beginnings,” Danni reminisces at the “Celebrity Dinner”.

Everything actually started so perfectly, but only three years after the beginning of the adventure, Jens died in November 2018 as a result of lung cancer. Nevertheless, husband and dad Jens is still very close to them inside the villa, according to Danni. She keeps his urn in a very special place.

The 44-year-old has her own kingdom on the top floor. The wall of shelves on the right-hand side of the room is most important to her, because there are many family pictures and Jens’ urn. “There is the most important thing, the heart of our house. Jens is standing there, he sees everything and hears everything,” explains Danni.

Especially for the twins Diego and Jenna (both 6) she thinks the memorial wall is very important “so that they can always see everything”. Next to the urn is a heart-shaped necklace. Inside there is some of Jens’s ashes, the emigrant says: “I carried them often, but I was afraid of losing them, so they are up here.”

Daniela Büchner makes it so clear that she always carries her husband in her heart. She emphasizes to the camera crew that she hopes Jens is proud of her and what she can do alone with her five children – whether on a normal day or at the “Perfect Celebrity Dinner”.

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