Prince Charles will likely one day inherit the British throne. He seems to be preparing more and more for this role. At an appointment he represented the Queen again.

It’s another step towards the throne: Prince Charles once again represented his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at an appointment at Westminster Abbey. His appearance at the Order of the Bath ceremony in London: an important milestone in the future monarch of the United Kingdom. Duchess Camilla’s husband completed the traditional event, which is about medieval customs, beaming and confident.

Unlike at the opening of Parliament, the father of Prince William and Prince Harry wore the same robe on Tuesday’s appointment, which is actually reserved for the Queen.

The Royals posted new and old photos of the event on Instagram for the occasion.

After Charles struggled to have his second wife Camilla by his side, the Prince of Wales has become another royal darling alongside Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate in recent years. Even at the historic opening of parliament two weeks ago, Camilla was so sympathetic to the people, and Charles is also enjoying increasing popularity. Positive comments are piling up under the Instagram post, which shows the heir to the throne fulfilling his royal duties. “He’s doing wonderfully,” writes one fan – another praises: “Well done Charles!”. That the people love their future king — a new and welcome upswing for the monarchy.

Prince Charles always performs his royal duties with flying colors, especially those on behalf of the Queen. But even if the heir to the throne always appears with respect and dignity: Queen Elizabeth’s son has a sense of humor and also understands fun. And so often wins the hearts of the citizens. During a visit to a pub, the British royal insisted on trying the tap himself. He wasn’t particularly talented, but instead of being embarrassed, Charles simply laughed at his mishap.

The wax figures of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had a new place in London’s Madame Tussauds in 2020 – far away from the royals. Now the two are back next to the Queen, at least temporarily.

Meghan and Harry will soon be in front of the camera – for a Netflix documentary. But the project is not well received by former palace spokesman Dickie Arbiter.

Prince William’s image appears on a £5 coin to mark his 40th birthday. It is the first time that the Duke of Cambridge has appeared alone on an official British coin.