That would be a true Challenge League-Hammer!

According to a report from on Tuesday evening, Fredy Bickel, prior to a return to GC! The record Champions of the 54-Year-old new strong man. Accordingly, Bickel is the managing Director. In addition, he should also sit in the sports Commission. From the official side, nothing is communicated.

The previous “first contact partner for sporty needs,” Paul Bollendorff, had with the obligations of Vero Salatic, Andreas Wittwer, Danijel Subotic and Nassim Ben Khalifa, a significant proportion of the squad planning for the first season after relegation to the Challenge League should be placed according to a media report.

For Bickel, it would be a return to that place, where his Official career was launched properly. From 1992 to 1999, he was for GC, e.g. as a press officer and assistant to the sports heads of Erich Vogel. Then Offices followed in the FCZ, YB, and most recently with Rapid Vienna in Austria. There, he met in April of this year, as the Athletic Director back.

A return to GC is also a reunion with Uli means Forte. Bickel dismissed as YB-sports-in-chief in August 2015 his former coach. Forte came to terms publicly with Bickel. Not a good Omen for a new collaboration, … (leo)